Secured Residential Accommodation Coupled with Modern Amenities

Student Residential Facility

RCM offers separate boys and girls hostel.

Girls Hostel "Subhadra"

  • The four-storied Ladies’ Hostel having a capacity of 300 students has been built by funding from the UGC and a second ladies’ hostel (SC/ST) having a capacity of 200 students has been built with the assistance of MP LAD funding.
  • Each room has attached bathrooms and modern amenities like laundry (washing machines), telephone, television, internet and more.
  • In the case of additional demand, accommodation is hired in the near localities to provide hostel facilities for girls.
  • A senior faculty member is assigned the responsibility of looking after the discipline and other mandatory requirements of the ladies’ hostel.

Boys Hostel

  • RCM has 13 separate boys’ hostels accommodating 200 students in its vicinity.
  • The rooms are well furnished with attached lavatories, proper house-keeping facilities, telephone, television and more.

RCM follows some strict guidelines for the hostel facilities:

  • No visitors are allowed after the visiting hours are over.
  • Entry and Exit timings to the hostel are regulated after the evening hours.
  • Proper security is provided to both the Boys and Girls Hostels.