Highly Skilled Faculty to Train the Best Minds

Recreational Facilities

Student-oriented Education

That is flexible and provides personalized attention to each of our students' needs.

Recognized For Excellence

RCM college has been accredited by NBA & AICTE of its both MBA and MCA programme and also accredited by NAAC of UGC. To add more laurels to the establishment it is also an ISO 9001-2008 quality certified institute.

Small Class Sizes

Of 45-50 students: this encourages interactive discussions and ensures excellent communication and feedback between students and faculty.

Pragmatic Approach

To business theory: we employ the dynamic case study method as it is indisputably the most effective academic tool to demonstrate the applications of business theory.

Regular Student Evaluation

Mid-term and final exams as well as weekly assignments in terms of individual and team projects, papers and presentations allow professors to closely supervise each student and advise them on their progress.

Outstanding Faculty

In addition to excellent academic credentials. our professors possess experience as entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders, which brings practice closer to the classroom. Moreover, they employ modern interactive teaching methodology to ensure student involvement in the learning process. RCM faculty focus is not on teaching but on student learning and development.

Rich Communication Flows

All our students are proficient English speakers and 98% of them speak at least one other language. RCM further refines their communication, presentation and leadership skills, vital to effective management.

Modern Facilities

Are provided to all students through constant up-gradation of technology and equipment

Cosmopolitan Spirit

Student and faculty body rom various backgrounds and states

Excellent Employment Record

In addition to career and internship fairs organized annually on-campus and the regular e-mailing of relevant career openings. RCM's career services office provides personalized counseling and assistance to each of our students. This results in quick and excellent job placements for RCM graduates.

Constant Innovation

Our professors and corporate sector advisors regularly update RCM's curriculum so that it reflects the latest issues and developments in business. Moreover, students attend innovative seminars on creativity that further develop their analytical and communication skills.

Developing Business Personality

Through traditional as well as cutting-edge business programs, RCM prepares students for success in the global marketplace. It provides them with keen analytical skills, refined cultural awareness, multilingual skills and clear strategic vision.