Quality Food for a Healthy Body & A Sound Mind

Food Corners/Cafes

Inside the campus of our College there are three cafeterias that function well to serve the students and staff members. The total built up area of the Cafeteria is 415.10 m2. Three of the Cafeteria function exclusively the administration of this cafeteria is given to experienced, proficient and committed contractors. These entire cafeterias are open on all working days. Besides, they provide food at a very nominal price. College has spacious canteen facility in the college premises, variety of Indian food and snack items are provided to the students and staff of the college with highest quality. Adequate seating facilities are provided to accommodate students and staff even during peak time. Canteen has a big kitchen with Gas cooking facility and kitchen staff takes extra care. We provide our students with an excellent canteen, modern & hygienic dishes. The dishes prepared here are delicious and nutritious as well. Food items are prepared with RO treated water.