Holistic Approach of Education with Organizational Ethics.

Ethics & Spiritual Training Center

The RCM administrators and the faculty members endeavour to create an environment that fosters and requires legal and ethical behavior.

The institute offers a course on Business Ethics and Corporate Governance to all MBA students. This core course is operated on the belief that legal governance and ethical norms are built on the foundation of universal human values. The institute thus gives importance on cultivating the character of the students and the learning facilitators. There is a code of conduct that is applicable for faculty and students.

Besides by organizing religious and value based lectures institute tries to inculcate upon the minds of its learners Tolerance and peaceful coexistence, Regard for the elderly, Respect for Indian culture, Courtesy toward and consideration for women, Adoring nature for what we owe to her , Live and let live, Life is charming despite of its thorns, with virtue of honesty, integrity and cleanliness, Respect for order, discipline, punctuality and Concern for the disabled and the disadvantaged. The placement of our Lord Jagannath Temple over the library provides the students with tiers of engagement and various spiritual activities. The adjoining premises houses several deities that engage, refresh and recreate the students with complete spiritual orientation like “The Prasadsevan Dining Hal. leaving no space for diverging their psycho-spiritual coordination.

The institute also organizes/ co-organizes events where speakers from the industry and spiritual organization address the students, faculty and local community about aspects related to spirituality, faith, ethics, humanism, sustainability and individual social responsibility. The institute has the second tallest temple of Lord Jagannath , where Gods and deities are worshiped throughout the year and all hindu festivals are celebrated in the temple, which creates a spiritual ambience in the campus. Both students and staff participate in large number in all such spiritual activities. This provides the students with moral values and enhance their ethical standard. Faculty members are also encouraged to attend conferences/ workshops related to spirituality, sustainability and ethical behavior. The Chairman Prof. Dr. Prabir Pal is the role model of the institute also emphasizes that the faculty members will be role models for students character building and moral upliftment and thus the faculty members have a tremendous responsibility on the cultivation of character among students.

GURJI SJ. His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Art of living)-Inspiration for RCM Family

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has visited RCM on 3rd April 2009 to bless whole Faculty, Staffs & Students and started his speech with the Kabir couplet pothi padh padh jag muaa (meaning the world is drained by reading books after books, no one became wise. Only he who reads the one-and-half letters of prem is wise). He said he is not a scholar, but just a dhai-akshar-wala who loves everyone, unconditionally. He went on to elaborate the Hindu concept of God and said that the idea of God can only be indicated and not defined and specified with limited human intellect, as the Upanishad said: Yato vaacho nivartante apraapya manasaa saha (the mind and speech return helpless while trying to describe that). He explained that all idol/image worship is for joy and entertainment where you play with God and this helps the heart to blossom in love. He mentioned that if you have a concept of God lying somewhere above and outside of the world, rewarding believers and punishing non-believers on judgment day that is a limited and misguided notion. The idea of God as all-pervading (sarvaantaryaami) is the most beautiful, like you appreciate the painting as well as the painter, all of God’s creation is divine and worthy of admiration. The grace of God is something to be experienced and is not found in books alone. He gave examples of congregation of doctors debating about pain, whereas none had actually experienced it! The true spirituality is to transcend words and books and experience God. Stating that the age-old spiritual practices of Yoga and pranayam can help the whole of mankind, he mentioned about how Art-of-Living volunteers brought mental peace to people traumatised by war and violence in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.