Collaboration for Effective Learning

Department of Management

Course Objectives

  • To groom the students in sound management concepts, analytical tools, practical & adaptable functional and general managerial skills.
  • To develop their sensitivity and capability to continually respond to rapidly changing environments and opportunities in the frame work of professionally sound and socially responsible values and attitudes.
  • To instill in the future managers a life-long sense of participation, involvement and satisfaction as contributors to the wider developmental endeavor. The broad objective is to produce quality & customized products.
  • To strengthen and well equip the research, consultancy and MDP activities with faculty and pedagogy for the benefit of the institute and the society as a whole.


  • Offering a set of programs /curriculum which meets the needs of the students coming from different backgrounds.
  • Hiring the services of highly qualified and internationally experienced teachers to teach courses relevant to a continuously changing environment.
  • Selecting students who demonstrate skills & competencies at all India tests.
  • Providing necessary infrastructural and logistic support and an environment in the campus conducive to teaching and learning endeavor.