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Department of Computer Application

The Department of Computer Application was established on 20th September 1998. This year we will be celebrating the glory of 20th year of IT Department at RCM.

We are proud of our strong and bonded Alumni who are working in Top MNCs like Infosys, TCS, Capgemini, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Wipro and many more.

It will be wrong to predict that any English speaking graduate who knows how to operate codes or reports using a tool will qualify himself as professional today.

In the Golf War the most powerful weapon employed to win the war was IT. Whether it was guided the missile or refining in air all these activities needed heavily support of IT to be useful.

Whether we recognize or not, Iraq war has been reduced from weeks to days only because deployment of the most powerful weapon that is IT Whether America accepts it or not China has made its future plans for strengthening its economics and defense establishment by using IT only.

Thousands of IT professionals will be engaged in Digital India mission, where their educational potential will match and they will be working on:

High-speed Digital Highways to unite the Nation, Indiansdrive Innovation, Citizen-Government Interface, Government Services in Mobile devices using various Apps, GPS Technologies & people will be connected through Social Medias. Quality Education by Digital Learning, Quality Healthcare powered by e-Healthcare, Farmers empowered with Real-time Information for Global Markets, Mobile enabled Emergency Services will ensure Personal Security, Cyber Security becomes an integral part of our National Security, Mobile and e-Banking ensures Financial Inclusion, e-Commerce drives Entrepreneurship and many more.

Our BCA programme will contribute to create IT Professionals for these required expertise and specializations using the recent trends and technologies.