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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is a broad term used to define the unique methodologies of an institution that provides a corporate environment for students which includes elements such as core values and beliefs, ethics, rules, and regulations of corporates.

The Corporate Culture at RCM provides a channel between the students, faculty, and the corporate world initiating constant cooperation, sharing the industry experiences, understanding the various needs of the industry and necessitate support to the industry.

Besides regular Management Development Program (MDPs), Seminars, Quiz Contests, Research & Resource Sharing, the Institution organizes:

Corporate Mentoring Programs

The students get a real-time insight of the ever evolving corporate world. Corporate professionals from various industry sectors are requested to visit RCM where they mentor and guide the students based on their area of interest and specialization. They are also advised on how to succeed in the corporate world.

Industry Visits

RCM organizes industry visits at regular intervals for the students. This provides them with the much needed industrial exposure. The students gain a profound knowledge about the mechanism of different corporates.

Regional College of Management brings together intellectuals and luminaries from diverse academic and corporate fields ranging from Science & Technology, Commerce, Judiciary, Legislature, Management to Spirituality and Philosophy.

This platform provides a distinctive opportunity to discuss on concurrent issues relating to national and international significances.

It is a part of many initiatives offered by RCM for discussion, knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas among the students and the faculty members who have a concern for nation building and understanding about global issues and developments.