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Welcome to the Regional College of Management


First, At RCM, the prime focus of all the programs is – Imparting Knowledge. An academic program here chiefly focuses on providing its students the lessons and applications that help them to innovate new ways to manage people and resources to achieve greater results.

Second, A major role of future managers and entrepreneurs is decision making in each of the specific situations faced by them. Our program’s Decision Making Orientation improves a student’s knowledge and skills in understanding new and complex situations, even though the information in-hand may be inadequate and the future outcome uncertain.

The Third cornerstone of all academic program's philosophy is to nurture Creative Problem Solving Approach among students. The problem solving approach involves problem definition and identification of decision area, generating decision making alternatives and developing an action plan for implementation, including a contingency plan.

The Fourth aspect of RCM’s philosophy is that all the students must get a Global Exposure. National and International acknowledgment of students by dignified faculty members and industry leaders arms them with the confidence required to tackle different types of situations more effectively.

Fifth and most importantly, all our programs convey and are based on Ethical Management Practices. Practicing the preachings’, we act and believe in ethos and principles set by the governing bodies and try to inculcate the same in our students.

First Management College in Odisha

The Regional College of Management has a proud tradition of transforming knowledge into courteous actions that dates back to 1982. This tradition of active pragmatism, articulated in “Passion for Innovative Education,” lives on through RCM’s pupil friendly policies, innovative work, and impactful engagement of faculty, students, and staff.

The Regional College of Management Builds Bold Leaders

Consistently ranked among the biggest and the best management colleges in the country, the Regional College of Management is home to more than 10,000 students. Here, tradition and innovation blend seamlessly to provide students with a robust academic experience.

Amid the backdrop of Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, a city recognized for its cultural spirit and creative etiquettes, the college provides a place to explore countless opportunities for tomorrow’s managers, entrepreneurs, accountants, marketers and leaders.

Institutional Objectives:

  • To groom the students in sound management concepts, analytical tools, practical and general managerial skills.
  • To develop sensitivity and capability to continually respond to rapidly changing environment and opportunities in the framework of professionally sound and socially responsible values and ethics.
  • To instill in the future industry-leaders a life-long sense of participation, involvement and satisfaction as contributors to the wider developmental endeavor.
  • To strengthen the training, research, consultancy and MDP activities.
  • To broaden the research activities of the institute by undertaking major and minor research projects and thereby adding to the effectiveness of the faculty members.

Our Mission

To be a model institution of higher learning for developing effective and ethical leaders and entrepreneurs, who anticipate, analyze and manage contemporary as well as emerging business and social issues.

Our Vision:

To create and disseminate Knowledge, and to produce globally competitive & socially responsive leaders.

Quality Policy:

RCM strives to achieve and sustain excellent quality in all its activities. Our goal is to provide quality education to students and inculcate in them a passion for learning. We constantly identify and encourage talent and help them to excel in their respective fields. We endeavor to keep abreast with emerging challenges in the field of management & technology, by enhancing infrastructural facilities and upgrading available human resources.