Availing the best possible career options.

Why Are RCM Students

Regional College of Management provides an intensive and a comprehensive preparation program to its students for a successful career.

The RCM curriculum is designed to provide thorough preparation for the students to get recruited in leading corporates. It develops the capacity to master a large amount of material in a short time. In this high-pressure environment, we foster collaborative skills through group work in diverse teams, while course content covers international markets.

The first half of the program provides in-depth knowledge of the conceptual models and analytical tools in accounting, finance, statistics, strategy, marketing, operations management and organizational behavior. Other courses focus on the structural mechanism of the business. Subjects such as economics, political analysis and technology help participants understand the diverse fields of technology and management that will affect their future careers.

The second half of the program is tailored to individual educational and professional goals.

Participants can either pursue a generalist path towards management & technology or specialize in a particular functional area. They may also focus on key issues or preferences such as business in Asia or entrepreneurship.