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Course Structure

Course Structure of MA-TA

RCM’s MA in Tourism Administration program imparts the basic as well as the advanced knowledge that is related to the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry which helps the students to develop their skills required. The comprehensive course structure gives the students the much-needed awareness which includes the culture & history, Heritage of India, principles and practices, trade environment and legal system, managerial behavior, the association of IT with Tourism, Financial services, Research on International Tourism.

Semester-I (Jul-Nov)

The 1st Semester consists of subjects that provides the basic knowledge on the fundamentals of Tourism, the potential of Tourism in India, understanding of the various elements of Hotel Management and an additional course on Foreign language (preferred by the students) to equip them to fluently interact with the foreigners.

This semester includes:

  • Foundation of Tourism
  • Management of Travel Industry
  • Principles & Practices of Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Foreign Language Course.

Semester-II (Dec-Apr)

The 2nd Semester familiarizes with the concepts of HR management, association of IT with the hospitality sector and the study of the role and importance of tourism in Odisha.

This semester includes:

  • Computer & MIS
  • International Tourism
  • Tourist Products of India
  • Business Communication
  • Organization Behavior & HRM
  • Odisha Tourism

Semester-III (Jul-Nov)

The 3rd Semester has its importance in the curriculum as it provides various specialization papers (based on the multifarious Tourism Industry) that enhances the skill level of the students. The papers give a profound knowledge of the concepts and components on tourism marketing, elementary trade and accounting practices, understanding of customer service management, case analysis on Airlines International Costing based on International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards, identifying the key developments in the Air Cargo Industry.

This semester includes regular papers along with some specialization papers that are as follows:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Specialization Papers:
  • Tourism Marketing - Consumer Behavior & Marketing Research for Travel & Tourism, Tourism Promotion & Public Relations and International Tourism Marketing.

  • Travel Trade – Travel Agency & Tour Operations, World Travel Geography and Basic Air Fares & Ticketing.

  • Hospitality Management – Front Office Management, Accommodation Operations Management and Food & Beverage Services.

  • Air Cargo Operations & Management – General Introduction to Cargo Industry, Air Cargo Management and Dangerous Goods Regulations & Live Animals Regulations.

  • Semester-IV (December-April)

    Internship: Students are placed in different organizations for a period of four months during their project work in the 4th semester. It provides them with ample opportunity for practical application of the theoretical knowledge gained through class room teaching and helps in shaping their career.

    Project Report and Viva Voce: During the 4th semester, the students are required to submit a Project Report based on a Case Study which has to be chosen in consultation with the faculty concerned and the Head of the Department. Students should undertake visits to their research area during their on-going project study and have to collect data by making use of Questionnaires, Sample Surveys, Expert Interviews and likewise. The external evaluation of the project work is followed by Viva-Voce and shall be done by one external and one internal examiner duly appointed by the University.