Constructive Experience for Better Education


At Regional College of Management, there is strong collaboration between the faculties and students, within & outside the institution that is essential for the success & development of students.

Leadership Lab

  • Leadership Lab is a one of the most important labs at RCM, that offers an in-depth understanding into topics which have been shaped around organizational sustainability, innovation and leadership.
  • Leadership Labs provides the students with an extensive platform where the students utilize their self-confidence, inter-personal skills, communication skills to hone their leadership capabilities.
  • Through personalized leadership coaching, seminars with world-class speakers, adventure-based learning, and a charge to take real-world action in response to social problems, participants develop their leadership abilities in ways that endures throughout their professional life.
  • The lab provides students with opportunities to face immediate problems and work together to achieve to required result. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves, pushing their physical and mental boundaries to overcome barriers to teamwork and effective action. The students are guided by a trained staff member and debriefed by a student mentor.

Digital and Finance Lab

  • The Digital and Finance Lab renders the students at RCM a hands-on environ to examine the principles of market structure and gain and acquire knowledge related to the software programs that drives the financial marketplace.
  • The Finance Lab’s tools and databases is helpful for the students and instructors in accounting, economics, marketing, management, business information systems, and information assurance courses.
  • The Lab is equipped with integrated terminal, which provides access to real time worldwide financial data, market information, business news, and top notch financial analysis tools that creates a dynamic bridge between financial theory and business practice.
  • The Finance Lab is expected to significantly improve the learning experience for all RCM students.

Analytics Lab

  • The Analytics Lab at RCM draws upon knowledge and skills in business, statistics, computer science, and personal skills such as communication and critical thinking. The lab lays a foundation on advanced business analytics using cutting edge tools to build knowledge and skills.
  • At RCM, students have attended workshops on business analytics organized by organisations like Accenture, SBI Life, Blue ocean Market Intelligence, Fidelity, Hewlett Packard, Reserve Bank of India, and so on.
  • A team of experts including the faculty members and alumni had some expertise in Quantitative Methods and Information System, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Production and Operations Management and Public Policy - drive the functioning of the lab.