Collaboration for Effective Learning

Department of Management


The objective of BBA at RCM is to produce Business Leaders with strong foundation, leadership skills, creativity and entrepreneurship. The approach towards teaching is more practical where knowledge is imparted for practical application in corporate world


In this three-year program, students will learn about management principles and practices, market influences, operations, finance, communication, IT and many more. This broad knowledge will help graduates to :

Critical Thinking:

Evaluate, analyze, interpret and apply information to address problems and make reasoned decisions in a business context

Communication Skills:

Communicate in a business context in a clear, concise, coherent and professional manner.

Technology Skills:

Competent in the uses of technology in organizational operations

Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

Students can demonstrate the fundamentals of creating and managing innovation, new business development, and high-growth potential entities

Ethical Perspective:

Demonstrate ability to recognize and identify ethical conflicts, apply ethical reasoning and assess response options relative to the needs and interests of relevant stakeholders to address issues in a business context.