Guiding Students Towards Excellence



Regional College of Management provides academic, professional, personal guidance and support to its students. For this, RCM has an efficient mentoring system which provides a backbone for the development of the students.

The Mentoring System renders strong resources that ensures the transition of a student to a successful professional.

The mentors act as a bridge between the students and the Institution, working alongside the Head of Departments, the Head of the Institution and the Academic Committee.

The mentors give invaluable advice to the students relating to their career as well as personal issues.

Mentoring by college faculties has a huge positive impact on students’ persistence and academic achievement in college.

The Mentoring System conducts research on the needs of the students and effectively strategizes for meeting the identified needs.

On the whole, Mentoring is a valuable strategy to provide students with the emotional and instrumental support students need to achieve the goal of a college degree. By providing information, guidance, and encouragement, mentors can play an important role in nurturing students’ college aspirations, helping them prepare for the college.