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Syllabus of BCA

The Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a three-year course having 6 semesters. RCM aims BCA course at inculcating essential skills as demanded by the global software industry through an interactive learning process.

  • BCA course includes team- building skills, audiovisual presentations, and personality development programs.
  • At RCM, the curriculum has been designed to serve the ever changing demands of information technology along with necessary inputs from the industry.
  • The structured syllabus of BCA benefits the students so as to let him/her get a grip on the basic to the advanced modules taught in the semesters.
  • This course enhances the analytical and communication skills besides including the virtues of self-study.
  • These are some various areas of information technology;

  • Software Development : Computer Languages like C, C++, Java etc.

  • Web Development : PHP, HTML, Java Script

  • Database Related : DBMS, RDBMS (SQL & PL/SQL)

  • For further information, Download the PDF